Friday, August 26, 2005

I never figured on even doing this but...

So I have a myspace account and Ive been putting my blog up there and thats pretty cool but I figured something more personal where I could post pics and stuff would be cool too.. I suppose if someone really wanted to know how I think and get to where Im going in art.. this will be the place to look from now
Art has always been one of those things in my life that is totally consistent... like breathing and sleeping.. I think it's probably one of the few things I do exceptionally well on a consitent basis.. Though I dont like to do much else, The world seems like a really messed up place right now.. though it kind of has been throughout history we just have more real time access to all of it at once now... and by all of it I mean ALL OF IT... the internet and satellites and tv and papers report anything they can and well it just feels like way to much for me .. so I delve into this place inside of myself that I can call my own and create an environment I want to be in ... this should be a nice experiment in who I am... even for me

by the way.. Im a crappy speller... I already know this...

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