Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New stuff

Just a few new doodles... :) The crow was drawn by my girlfriend and Computer painted in Photoshop by me... Batman was done for a friend and the bird.. was just an experiment in how fast can I put somethin together 10 min.. and the hippo was just a study in animals



Uncle Phil said...

nice stuff. the fish and crow are really beautiful, and the bird is pretty funny.

well done,

Shane said...

Thanks man.. tryin to find my funny again!

Rozum said...

Another nice mix. Batman reminds me of a recent conversation I had with Adam West.

As you know, I always enjoy your animal studies.

Tell your girlfriend her crow is great. It's even a bit unsettling.

And yes, your bird is pretty funny, though I'd actually say, more goofy, in a very pleasant way.

Shane said...

Thanks John... btw.. Adam West.. Still the ONLY BATMAN in my heart!! he was fantastic! :) plus everything he's doing now is sooo brilliant!

Leo said...

Awesome sketches Shane! Also, I found you on Myspace yesterday...Yay! (I dunno why the "yay", just seemed appropiate)

Bicos de pés said...

Very funny drawings, love the birds

Shane said...

Leo and Bicos.. thanks Im workin on more .. just gotta scan em up!

Dagan Moriarty said...

hey Shane,

i LOVE that fish up top... really nice drawing!
And the Batman is hysterical.
Keep it up! :)