Thursday, January 26, 2006

new fun

For last nights mindless scribbles... Hanna Barbera on the brain lately!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

some flintstones sketches

Over at the drawingboard there is a flintstones jam goin on .. I had to hit it... love that old school stuff... thought Id share!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wax on....

Been rockin illustrator and painting and workin hard on a ton of stuff... So today I hit this old sketch and ... well so far here's where I am.. I have some issues with the outer hand, still needs work and I'll definitely get on it.. but for now here's what I got.

By the way the session went beautifully .. thanks to everyone for coming, especially all our frineds from Japan! more about that later with pictures to follow .. as soon as I find the cord to upload them to my computer.. *L*

til then take it easy.. draw like you need to in order to live and smile.. its good for ya


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

For my friend Lillian

On my way home from Merced I was on the train and met a great smiling face named Lillian.. She was 9 and was full of all sorts of questions about my drawing and about the stuff on my computer, so I showed her a few tricks with shapes and was trying to explain how I got them on the computer.. Needless to say I suck at explaining things so.. I decided to give her a quick tutorial on how to use shapes to make a picture.. In illustrator no doubt.. so without a scan here is our compilation piece that we did.. It's not really FANTASTIC.. but I thought it was cool and wanted to share.. without further adue.. heres an owl!

Sketchbook session this weekend

If you are in the LA area and wanna hang out with a lot of artists adn draw .. hang out .. just have a good time.. gimmie a holler!!! I'll shoot you the information!!!!! Its a great time and a special one this time...

Im posting this up now so you can mark it off on your calander and so nobdy can say that i didnt give enough time...

SO.. January 7th ( its a saturday!!!! ) 2006
From .. 6ish- ??? Who knows
Why is it special.. because we'll have special guests here from overseas!!!
Who? Marty! the Paintmonster I'd love to see a big turnout with lots and lots of drawing and having fun!!!! So who is down??? WHO's Coming

A few things for the sessions...
1. Contributions are always welcome ( Food , Drinks ( soda, beer, booze whatever! , cups, napkins, plates , that kind of stuff... )

2. RSVP's are not required BUT are appreciated.. I like to know how many people Im hosting for.. It makes it easier to set the house up.

3. Just so new people know .. we have always had a no shoes in the house policy so wear clean socks.. *L* that and I always feel more comfy in socks anyhow,,

4. People always ask .. "can I bring my spouse or girlfriend?? " If they draw ... YES .. otherwise they are gonna be bored ,,, Lots of geek talk ( btw you can always call me or e-mail me and ask if you really really want them )

5. FOOD.. Sometimes we order pizza ( like 90 % of the time ) sometimes not... it's usually like $5.00 per person ( $ 5.00 deal at dominos ) .. anyhow.. so if you arent into pizza you may wanna eat ahead of time..

As usual bring drawing supplies and if you wanna share stuff ( like cool books and such ) thats always welcome too...... we try and NOT watch tv but it happens from time to time....

Alright.. I cant think of anything else off hand so.. If you have any questions go ahead and holler my way... I look very foward to seeing all of you.... Have a fantastic Holiday season and a happy and safe New Year... More to come Later


DRAW!!!! DRAW!!!! DRAW!!!!!