Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New stuff from yesterday and today

Still workin on beefing up my portfolio.. some Wizard of Oz stuff struck me as fun and some heads just for good measure



Leo said...

Nice stuff, man! I really like your Tin Man. I read your comment in another blog that you used to do Props/FX on Camp Lazlo (I applied for that same job a little while ago, but they never got back to me...sigh), I'm sure you'll get work in no time! =)

Greyhawke said...

Great work Shane, busting out as usual. You inspire me to try harder.

ps- link back baby. I got you on my blog.

Adam said...

Just found your blog - right after i commented on these on the drawing board and figured i would leave a comment here too - because these sketches are just too darn cool!

I love that tinman - i wish there was an animated version of the movie done in this style.
The Black and White Sketches of the girls have tons of attitude. And - the guy with the golfer's hat is rad - he looks exactly like a friend of mine (i don't think i saw that sketch on the DB?)


St John Street said...

nice colours.

Kristen McCabe said...

These are Great Shane. I love the noses on the blue pencil dudes.