Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some new Stuff from over christmas weekend

Hey gang whats crackalakin!!!!! So over christmas weekend I had a good deal of down time to get some more practice in illustrator in.. the Pirate is a continuation of where I want to go with him.. Im gonna work on making him more expressive but for now I feel like he's pretty good... the cowbucks piece is just a little workout I did for fun.. and as for that little house.. well I have to give Lots o props to Darryl "DIDDLE" Young .. It's from his sketch and he was wonderful enough to allow me to play on it and post it up... thanks for all the kind words.. everyone has been really uplifting and wonderful.. I hope soon to be back to work somewhere making more great stuff for everyones enjoyment.. until then though.. I'll draw draw draw and Blog it up.. Happy Holidays to you all and have a safe and happy new year if I dont get anything up until after!



joeprehiem26020982 said...

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Kristen McCabe said...

Haha! You said Crackalakin!
I love your characters especially that cow. You and Diddle make a good team!

Shane said...

Kristen.. Thanks, appreciate it much!

Darryl Young said...

Great color job on that doodle of mine. I really like what you did with the trees and mountains, helps bring it all together. Keep up the good work my man!


Darryl Young said...

..... and you're doing some really cool character designs up here too!

Take Care.