Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sketchbook session this weekend

If you are in the LA area and wanna hang out with a lot of artists adn draw .. hang out .. just have a good time.. gimmie a holler!!! I'll shoot you the information!!!!! Its a great time and a special one this time...

Im posting this up now so you can mark it off on your calander and so nobdy can say that i didnt give enough time...

SO.. January 7th ( its a saturday!!!! ) 2006
From .. 6ish- ??? Who knows
Why is it special.. because we'll have special guests here from overseas!!!
Who? Marty! the Paintmonster I'd love to see a big turnout with lots and lots of drawing and having fun!!!! So who is down??? WHO's Coming

A few things for the sessions...
1. Contributions are always welcome ( Food , Drinks ( soda, beer, booze whatever! , cups, napkins, plates , that kind of stuff... )

2. RSVP's are not required BUT are appreciated.. I like to know how many people Im hosting for.. It makes it easier to set the house up.

3. Just so new people know .. we have always had a no shoes in the house policy so wear clean socks.. *L* that and I always feel more comfy in socks anyhow,,

4. People always ask .. "can I bring my spouse or girlfriend?? " If they draw ... YES .. otherwise they are gonna be bored ,,, Lots of geek talk ( btw you can always call me or e-mail me and ask if you really really want them )

5. FOOD.. Sometimes we order pizza ( like 90 % of the time ) sometimes not... it's usually like $5.00 per person ( $ 5.00 deal at dominos ) .. anyhow.. so if you arent into pizza you may wanna eat ahead of time..

As usual bring drawing supplies and if you wanna share stuff ( like cool books and such ) thats always welcome too...... we try and NOT watch tv but it happens from time to time....

Alright.. I cant think of anything else off hand so.. If you have any questions go ahead and holler my way... I look very foward to seeing all of you.... Have a fantastic Holiday season and a happy and safe New Year... More to come Later


DRAW!!!! DRAW!!!! DRAW!!!!!

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REE said...

this sounds cool! I don't know how free I'll be exactly, but, I dunno...gimme the information by e-mail or stop by the blog and lemmeknow just in case! Good idea. Cuz L.A. artist seem so bottled up sometime, yaknow? L8r.