Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finding the flow... and it feels good

I dont know why it is works this way for me , but, it always seems to take me longer to catch on to things than it does or did for others... I've always seen myself as a late bloomer, which isnt neccessarily a bad thing.. I take my time .. really study things.. try and figure out the right way to approach them, accepting all the mishaps as a learning experience.
Since I got the job at Cartoon Network I feel like Ive learned a ton. There are sooo many amazing artists working there, I try and ask a lot of questions and take in as much as I can. It has proven to be really difficult and so Ive had to restructure what Im trying to do and really focus.It's been 3 months + and I think Im finally feeling and finding the flow of the show I'm working on .. It seemed easy enough to start but now Im finding that there are a great deal of rules and design elements I really have to pay attention to... All that make every thing I do work or not work. It is amazing to finally feel like Im on track.. I cant wait to have my friends adn family see what I have been a part of, Im really proud of it.. and proud of myself for being able to accomplish what I have.. It's an awesom feeling...


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