Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Redesigned Cow ...

This was originally for a design I did called cowbucks.. but then thought it funnier if the cow worked at Platypus's .. I dunno. I like this drawing better and all around the photoshop version feels more lively than the illustrator version.... which I suppose is usually true of most photoshop versus Illustrator things... Hope ya all enjoy!


PaintMonster said...

It's a really smart beautiful work!!
I love your world and shaped lines!

oh, did you got my Email?
please check your Email box.
and please add my link on your blog!!

Bob Renzas said...

Very swell, Shane!
Only thing I would suggest is maybe blurring out the lettering on his apron a little.
I dig the whole design though, and I would totally buy a platypus hat!

Shane said...

Ani.Qwak... yeah the hat is the clencher for me :)

Dik Pose said...

HAHA... Rock on man! Love it...I agree with Qwacker on the lettering, and the hat!