Thursday, March 23, 2006

fallin off .. but an update

I totally fell off the 90 day challenge .. Im gonna have to try again some time soon and really put it down.
Last weekend I was at the Wizard World Comicbook Convention here in LA with my friend Matt "AmericanNinjaX" Humphreys.. It was a pretty good time.. met a few Kids from Deviant art and saw some other friends as well.. Alberto Ruiz, Patrick Morgan and Was reintroduced to Stephen Silver ( a really talented and nice guy!) It wasn't so much a money maker but it was good to touch base with some folks and see some great art.
In the next few weeks I am hoping to produce some great art and keep practicing hard.. As well as rock some more of these art battles.. Im currently participating in 2 over at the SketchTavern ( ) and crossin my fingers to do well enough to continue on..
anyhow.. Expect to see some new work in the next few days ... sorry about fallin off there... take it easy...



Rozum said...

No problem, Shane. I completely understand. I would never manage to put up a daily collage if I didn't keep at least a week ahead.

I'm happy to see whatever it is you post. Keep up the great work.

j.mcarthur said...

"I totally fell off the 90 day challenge" what is this?