Tuesday, March 07, 2006

poopy weekend evolution 6, 7, 8

Im a slacker.... Im sorry... :(... With the rain the weekend brought a lack of inspiration and soreness...but here are some diddies I thought were worth sharing.. inks and some PPg stuff adn watching superman stuff too.. so... I'll get back on the ball.. had a great day .. picked up my portfolio at Nickelodeon got a relaly nice letter saying they'd keep me on file.. so I took the folio and resume over to cartoon network where I popped in on the old Camp Lazlo crew, It was fantastic seeing everyone again. Hopefully there will be something there or somewhere to get me back to work.. :) anyhow.. without further adieu...

1 comment:

Vanoni! said...

Nice explorations!
Flinstone inspired up top are gold.

Don't be poopy!

– C