Wednesday, March 08, 2006

for today 9th day of evolution

Gonna post more but for now here are these..... Looney Tunes and some gestures.. along with a Zombie



Rozum said...

Great stuff. I LOVE the Bugs Bunny in the witch costume and Witch Hazel. I'm actually about to tackle her myself, and should have the image posted towards the end of next week.

I'm looking forward to what's next. Keep up the great work.

ANX said...

Dude the Bugs costume with Witch Hazel is fantastic! I wanna see Hansel and Gretel from the Witch Hazel cartoons.

"ACH! You're muzzah rides a vaccuum cleanah!"

Shane said...

Thanks guys.. Just got back from Cal Arts ( K's lookin into starting there in '07 ) I have a long way to go before I'll even come close to being happy with my work but I'm definitely ok with the recent stuff... Gonna start drawing now.. thanks again for the support!