Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sketchbook session to be Held May 12th

What's a session?? that should give you an idea...

Sat May 12th...
at the casa del Maizekid.
Drawing and friends all night long ( 6pm-question mark?? )
I dont know how much longer I'll be doing these as I am moving in with my girlfriend in Mid July ( since she got into CAL ARTS we're moving to Valencia or at least closer than Chatsworth) So this may be one of the last that I will throw ... at least for some time.. It's been a bit over 5 years now... It might be time to pass the torch anyhow... more on thatlater...
So if you want to get together and draw.. sit and have a beer or 2 .. or just hang out with other artists in the LA AREA. gimmie a holler... and I'll shoot more info your way!



John Rozum said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, but a 4-day round trip drive is a little more than I can do right now. Have a drink, and make a sketch on my behalf.

There's a lot of incredible stuff in your last batch of posts as well.

Good luck with the move.

Unknown said...

Hi Shane,

I would be very interested in discussing employment opportunties with you. Please email me at to discuss further.



Puga Vida said...

hey shane, hope to see you at the coffe house next week. stay up

Marlo said...

do you mean sick like "cool, cowabunga" or sick like "oh no i got some diareah!!!!!!!!! ppph"

let me know

xoxoxo marlo

p.s. thanks for the comment